• Gutshof Zillertal
    Stillupklamm 826
  • 6290 Mayrhofen
Gutshof Zillertal Hotel – daily photo


A whole world of possibilities

Gutshof Zillertal hotels garden (photo)

Stroll through our garden after a lovely dinner, and sense the romance in the air.

The only sounds you hear are crickets in the high grass and the gentle babbling of the stream …

The garden has been especially designed by Feng Shui specialists in order to allow for pure relaxation without any noise...

Bikecentre at Gutshof Zillertal Hotel, Mayrhofen (photo)

You have got the chance with our Bike Center to book directly your own bike for your stay in Mayrhofen. We are a certified garage for bikes with an excellent service. You can choose between seven different bike types.

Visit our bike homepage.

There you find everything about our bikes...

Photo from the ski area, Mayrhofner

1. Avoid contact to grazing livestock, do not feed the animals and keep safe distance!

2. Keep calm, do not scare grazing livestock!

3. Mother cows protect their calves, avoid encounters between mother cows and dogs!

4. Always keep dogs under control, lead the dogs on a short leash. If an attack...