• Gutshof Zillertal
    Stillupklamm 826
  • 6290 Mayrhofen

Beauty Center

Keep your beauty!

Massage room, Gutshof Zillertal Hotel (photo)

Do you want to feel well on the inside and look good on the outside? Do you dream of attaining sense of complete well being? We have an unique anti-aging center and medical spa, offering a wide array of medical services and procedures geared to help you achieve total health.

One has to have seen the Figura World, one has to have been treated in it, one has to have snoozed in it, and one has to have dreemed in it in order to feel that little bit more of happiness in life and to feel this almost unbelievable ease of being. A state of completeness and well-being – that’s our promise to you.

Booking of treatments:

Since our wellness area is in high demand, we advise booking desired treatments together with the room reservation.
Telephone:  +43(0)5285/8124
e-mail: info@gutshof.cc