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Kufstein castle

71.6km from Gutshof

The fortress of Kufstein is a jewel in the lower region of Tyrol and a landmark of the district capital Kufstein. The fortress, owned by the bishops of Regensburg, was documented for the first time in 1205. Afterwards the ownership was shared with the Bavarian Dukes. From 1313 onwards Kufstein Castle belonged to the Dukes of Bavaria. In 1415 Duke Ludwig "the Bearded" enlarged the fortification. In 1504 Emperor Maximilian I besieged and conquered Kufstein. He then ordered the castle to be newly built and expanded it to the size of a fortress. Once again in the 17th century the complex was enlarged. In 1703 and 1805 the Bavarians conquered the fortress which again came into Austrian ownership in 1814.

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Gutshof Zillertal
Stillupklamm 826
6290 Mayrhofen