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LPG Lipomassage

Get a perfect body without any incisions! Lipomassage may be especially effective for men and women who want to get rid of stubborn body fat around the waistline, buttocks or around the thighs - any areas that have become resistant to diet, exercise or even fat removal surgery. Lipomassage device is made with electronically motorized rollers; these help to 'fold' and 'unfold' the skin at different speeds, resulting in a very intensive massage session. The Lipomassage procedure can then break down trapped fatty pockets and smooth out fat clusters or tissues that are causing dimpled skin. Between six and ten treatments are needed for the complete course, however, visible results can be achieved after the first 5-6 treatments.


Single treatment Lipomassage
35min................EUR 68.00

Body Lipomassage 10 treatments
(+ 2 free treatments) with bodisuit in addition
35min...............EUR 680.00

Booking of treatments:
Since our wellness area is in high demand, we advise booking desired treatments together with the room reservation.

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